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Cebu Helium Balloon – A Must-Do Outdoor Fun in Mactan

UPDATE: The Cebu Helium Balloon already closed its business operations sometime in 2017. I was lucky to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure in Mactan, Cebu when it started in 2015. You may read about my experience below.

Thanks to Maam Krystal, a colleague and a good friend of mine, I wouldn’t have experienced this exciting Cebu Helium Balloon ride. We were fortunate to avail of the promo (Php 1,000 / 4 pax), so we only paid Php 250 each. Locals normally have to pay Php 1,000 / pax for adults and Php 700 for children (2-12 years old) while foreign tourists have to pay USD 50 for adults and USD 30 for children. The regular rates don’t seem to be budget-friendly for us, so we did not hesitate to grab the PROMO.

The Cebu Helium Balloon is dubbed as the first and only helium balloon ride in the country. Now you understand where our fascination came from. Unless you wait for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga, you’ll never get a good chance of flying above on a big balloon in the Philippines. The Cebuanos are lucky to have this outdoor fun in Hadsan Beach Complex in Mactan. You can find it right beside the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa.

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Here’s a map on where to find the Cebu Helium Balloon to help you get there: (Note: It’s before Hadsan Cove Resort)

If you have fear of heights, well, you can conquer it! It’s not as scary as you think it is. Your knees might tremble for a few seconds, but after you see the breathtaking scenery and the beautiful horizon, you’ll surely forget all the fear. I guarantee you that!

cebu helium balloon
From left fot right: Sir Julito, Me, Edz, Krystal & Meryl posing before our exciting ride!
cebu helium balloon
Proud Cebuana here! <3

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