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Singapore Travel Tips & Experiences from Our First International Trip

Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in the world yet it still gives great importance to its culture and history. This so-called Lion City is just a small dot in Southeast Asia, but it’s quite a giant in technology, economy and tourism. My BF and I chose this country to be part of a major milestone in our life… Our first ever international travel! Here are our Singapore travel tips that will give you ideas on your very first visit.

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Singapore travel tips

1. Airport transfers

Upon arrival at Changi Airport, you may take the MRT, bus or taxi. But if you arrive at the wee hours, between 12 midnight to 6am, we suggest that you grab a shared Changi Airport Transfer for Singapore hotels. This is way cheaper than getting a taxi with night surcharges.

2. Best outfit

Wear comfy footwear, shirt, shorts, jeans or casual dress.

singapore travel tips
Awestruck by the famous Marina Bay Sands

3. Stay hydrated

As Singapore is a tropical country, always stay hydrated. You don’t want to get rushed to the hospital due to heat stroke.

singapore travel tips
Austin, Me & Joyce enjoying the Singaporean ice cream sandwich

4. Getting around Singapore

Don’t hesitate to ask for directions. Singapore is tourist-friendly, English-proficient, and 100% safe with close to ZERO crime rate.

singapore travel tips
Oh no, we’re lost and stuck in Clark Quay MRT Station.

5. Pocket money in Singapore

A 2-3 day-trip = PHP 15,000-20,000 (SGD $400-$600) should be safe. Credit cards will also come in handy. Don’t be too impulsive so you won’t be ripped off.

singapore travel tips
Shopping spree at ION Orchard

6. Food to try in Singapore

There are so many food choices in Singapore. If you’re on a tight budget, try eating at the hawker centers. Here’s a directory to help you out.


7. Top Singapore attractions

My top 3 picks! But there are definitely more attractions around. You may want to explore more of Singapore HERE.

universal studios singapore
Universal Studios
Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island
singapore night safari
Night Safari

Hope you learned something from our 1st trip to the Land of the Merlion!

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