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VaxCertPH: How to Get Your Online Vaccine Certificate in the Philippines

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) together with the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) launched VaxCertPH, an online portal to get your digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate in the Philippines.

Do note that the Philippine government has emphasized that VaxCertPH does not replace the yellow International Certificate of Vaccine for COVID-19 by the Bureau of Quarantine.

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Steps to get your VaxCertPH online vaccine certificate

Step 1: Visit VaxCertPH online portal

vaxcertph online portal

Go to and click “CONTINUE”.

Step 2: Review data privacy

vaxcertph data privacy

Read the “Privacy Statement” and tick the checkbox if you agree. Then, click “CONTINUE”.

Step 3: Answer the questions

vaxcertph information

Select the applicable information from the drop-down menu. Then, click “NEXT”.

Step 4: Enter your personal information

online vaccine certificate personal information

Type your complete name and birthday and click “NEXT”.

Step 5: Enter your vaccination details

ph vaccination details

Enter your vaccination details and click on “VERIFY VACCINATION INFORMATION”.

Step 6: Vaccine verification


The system will then look up your vaccination information. Please wait for a few seconds to get verified.

Step 7: Get your online vaccine certificate

vaxcertph online vaccine certificate philippines
Photo credit: Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines)

If the portal can find and verify your vaccination details, you will get your online vaccine certificate in the Philippines.

That’s basically it! If your LGU record is there, you can easily get your VaxCertPH digital vaccine certificate. Save and print as you wish!

*All screenshots above taken from VaxCertPH online portal.