Our Story

We initially started this travel blog way back in 2014 to document our mini adventures and weekend escapades in the Philippines. Fast forward to now, and we’ve traveled far and beyond our own soil. We’ve already been to several overseas destinations including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Europe.

We never thought we could do this in a few years’ time. And, without quitting our day jobs! We believe that with the right mindset, research, and preparation, anyone (even regular workers like us) can travel the world.

So, why Chill and Travel

It’s actually a mantra we keep on telling ourselves whenever we feel a surge of panic in our travels. “Hey, we don’t have to rush, we’re here to chill and travel.” — a simple line that brought this travel blog to life.

Today, we continue to create easy-to-follow guides and provide insightful tips to our readers who dream to travel the world, one passport stamp at a time.

We are thankful to everyone who inspired us to push this far so we can inspire others in return.

See you around! And remember, don’t panic! Just chill and travel. 😉

~ Ben & Cham

Chill and Travel About Us
Europe was only a dream. But we got here, and so can you!

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