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Making the Most of My Finland Business Trip: Helsinki (Part 1)

On a weekend during my stay in Tampere, Finland, I bought a train ticket to Helsinki and decided to explore the capital city by myself. After converting the cost of the train ticket to Pesos (PHP), I realized it was way too expensive but when I arrived in Helsinki, it was all worth it – heck, even the train ride itself was worth it! I guess I just love trains so I enjoyed every bit of my ride.

When I reached Helsinki, I had no itinerary in mind because I was thinking I could cover the whole city just by walking. I realized it was a stupid idea, but no regrets, the walking experience was extremely fun.

Helsinki Train Station
Then, I arrived at Helsinki!

First step outside the train station, I was already excited to start my solo walking tour.

You can immediately find the Finnish National Theatre just outside the train station.

Finnish National Theatre
Finnish National Theatre

I did not know where to start so I just started walking to the direction where I felt would be good.

Helsinki Streets
Helsinki Streets

It’s really nice to walk around these streets.

Helsinki Streets
Following where the wind blows! LOL!


Target Acquired! I did not know what this structure was called but when I Googled it, it’s called the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral.

Uspenski Cathedral
Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral

Before getting close to the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, I noticed there was a bunch of tourists having their guided tour. I tried to follow their trail since it was an opportunity for me to know what other people want to see in Helsinki and the best part? I managed to explore more attractions without the cost of a tour guide. What a sneaky move!

It seemed they were going to the docks.


Well, I guess it was a good decision to stalk those tourists, I mean follow their trail. They seemed to be taking pictures on some sort of a bridge so I checked  it out. Then I found an enormous number of locks attached to the sides of the bridge. It’s affectionately called the “Bridge of Love”.

Bridge of Love 1 Bridge of Love 2

After going to the docks, I decided to leave the tourist trail and go back to my original plan. So I found my way back to the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral and the closer I get, the more magnificent the structure looked like.

Uspenski Cathedral 2

The view on top was really nice, which also lead me to my next destination.

The Helsinki Cathedral!

Helsinki CathedralHelsinki Cathedral 2Let’s take a peek inside the Cathedral!

Inside Helsinki Cathedral Inside Helsinki Cathedral 2

After all the walking, I decided to take my lunch break near the port. I saw some stalls serving food so I bought my lunch there. I did not know where else to find an affordable place to eat.

Food Stall
Food stall near the port

It’s getting too lengthy. I guess I’ll end the first part of my Helsinki solo trip here. Stay tuned for more attractions.

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