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2024 SSS Online Payment for Self-Employed Members

Have you started your freelancing career as a self-employed professional and would like to pay your SSS voluntary contribution? Lucky you, we are on the same boat. We’ve created this guide on how to pay SSS contribution online, especially for freelancers and digital nomads like us.

We’ve been there. We understand it could get a little overwhelming for you, considering you didn’t have to think about all these government-mandated contributions (SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG) when you were previously employed. So, we’re here to help and make it simpler for you.

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SSS contribution table 2024

Before we proceed with the steps on how to pay your SSS contribution online, please refer to the SSS self employed contribution table below to know how much you should pay every month.

SSS Voluntary Contribution Table 2023
Reference: SSS Circular No. 2022-034

Do note that effective 2023, the new SSS contribution rate has increased to 14% from the previous 13%. It will continue to increase by 1% every other year until 2025, which will then become 15%. For 2024, the SSS monthly contribution rate remains 14%.

Please refer to the official SSS circulars for the following:

What does this imply? This means that you are now paying higher SSS contributions but your SSS benefits will also increase based on the new computation.

How to calculate your monthly SSS contribution

1. On the SSS voluntary contribution table for self-employed members, see the first column “Range of Compensation” and search for your monthly income range.

2. Know the corresponding “Monthly Salary Credit (MSC)”. For instance, if your declared monthly income is over ₱29,750, your Monthly Salary Credit or MSC is ₱20,000.

3. Calculate your SSS monthly contribution by multiplying your MSC and the new 14% SSS contribution rate.

Sample computation: ₱20,000 x 0.14 = ₱2,800

You can see this amount under the “Amount of Contributions – Regular SS” column.

Additional notes:

  • As a self-employed member, you can register for the Employees’ Compensation (EC) program but you will have to shoulder the amount yourself. Refer to the table above for your corresponding EC contribution.
  • SSS also launched the Worker’s Investment and Savings Program (WISP) Plus for members whose Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) is over ₱20,000.

Considering all these, you can see your final SSS monthly contribution under the last column “Amount of Contributions – Total”.

How to pay SSS contribution online

Now that you already know your monthly SSS self-employed contribution amount, you may follow the steps below for your SSS online payment.

Step 1: Log-in to your SSS online portal

SSS member portal

Log in to your My.SSS Member Account on the SSS website.

If you don’t have your SSS online account yet, you should create one before you can pay your SSS online. You may refer to this guide on how to create your My.SSS Member Account.

Step 2: Generate Payment Reference (PRN)

SSS Online PRN

2.2 Go to the PAYMENT REFERENCE (PRN) tab → Contributions → Generate PRN.

2.3 Input the needed details such as your Membership Type, Applicable Period, Contribution, and WISP Plus Amount (if applicable). Click “Submit Request”.

Step 3: Pay your SSS contribution online

SSS PRN 2024

Once you submit your request, you will get your Payment Reference Number (PRN) with all the details including the final SS amount to pay. You may click on the PDF icon for your STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.

Take note of your Payment Reference Number since you will need to provide this to pay your SSS contribution online.

SSS online payment methods

You can pay your SSS online via different online payment methods.

Option 1: Billeroo


On your PRN page, you may click on the PAY button and follow the steps to pay your SSS online. Applicable charges or service fees may apply.

For instance, if you are paying for a one month contribution of ₱560, there is a service fee of ₱19.21 for GCash, Maya, and credit card payments via Billeroo.

Personally, we haven’t tried using Billeroo to pay for our self-employed SSS as we prefer other payment options below.

Option 2: GCash

GCash pay bills

We’ve been using GCash to pay our SSS self-employed contribution.

All you have to do is log-in to your GCash app, go to Bills, Government, and search biller SSS. Fill in the needed details including your PRN. Do note that there is a service fee of ₱8 per transaction.

Option 3: UnionBank

UnionBank SSS payment

If you have a UnionBank account, we suggest that you take advantage of it. You may pay your SSS contribution online using your UnionBank online banking.

Just log-in to your account, select Pay Bills, input the PRN, and pay. It’s fast and convenient with NO service fees so you’ll save on payment costs compared to other SSS online payment methods.

Option 4: BancNet

BancNet Payment

You may also use BancNet but you will need to register a BancNet online account if you don’t have one yet.

Once you have your account, log-in and select a partner bank that you have an account with. Go to “Payments” and select “SSS”. Enter your details such as ATM card number and amount of your monthly SSS contribution. Input your PIN and submit.

Personally, this will be the last payment method we would try as we are concerned of potential privacy and security issues considering you will need to input your ATM PIN and use your direct savings or current account. But it’s really up to you – whichever is convenient and accessible.

We pretty much covered everything you need to know on how to pay SSS online. If we missed anything, feel free to let us know our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

*Screenshots taken from SSS and the respective digital portals.

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