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23 Best Pasalubong from Korea We Hunted Down on Our Trip

From yummy snacks to fashionable pieces, here’s our list of the best pasalubong from Korea. We decided not to buy the usual keychains and ref magnets this time around. Instead, we hunted down these unique and cheap Korea pasalubong items, some of which cost less than ₱50. Can you believe it?

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What to buy in Korea as food souvenirs

1. Korean instant ramen

best pasalubong from korea
Photo credit: SSG Global

Our friend specifically requested us to buy this Korean instant ramen or noodles. While you can buy this in Korean grocery stores in the Philippines, we believe it is still the best pasalubong from Korea. It’s cheap and handy. Plus, nothing beats the thought of eating something that came straight from South Korea. A popular Korean instant ramen is Ottogi Jin Ramen, which comes in mild and spicy flavour.

Where to buy: Lotte Mart
Price: ₩3,000 (~₱126) per 4-piece pack

Tip: Craving for more while in the Philippines? You can always buy more packs of Jin Ramen from Lazada or Shopee.

2. Pepero

pepero korean snacks
Photo credit: Pepero Philippines

Do you know that Korea celebrates Pepero Day every November 11? The date 11/11 signifies the Pepero sticks. It is like Valentine’s Day where people exchange Pepero snacks to show love and appreciation. Express your love to family and friends any time of the year by bringing home these choco-dipped Korean snacks.

Where to buy: Lotte Mart
Price: ₩1,000 (~₱42) per box

Tip: Of course, you can always get more of these Pepero snacks from Lazada or Shopee.

3. Dragon’s beard candy

dragons beard candy
Photo credit: Richard Lai

This Korean candy tastes so much better than it looks. We only learned about it when our Airbnb host introduced it to us. What’s so special about this Korean snack is not the look nor the taste, but the amazingly meticulous way of preparation.

Where to buy: Insadong; Myeongdong
Price: ₩5,000-7,000 (~₱210-300) per box

4. Korean jellies and candies

Korean jellies

Buy these Korean pasalubong treats for your pamangkins and sweet tooth friends.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩2,000-5,000 (~₱84-210) per pack

5. Korean pastries

korean pasalubong

Because we are pastry lovers, we couldn’t help but buy some Korean pastries from this random bakeshop in Insadong. You could pick assorted pieces of 3 for ₩1,500 (~₱65).

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩1,500 (~₱63) for 3 pieces

Korean pasalubong as keepsakes

6. Personalised stone stamps

korean stone stamps

At first, we didn’t know what these cute stones are. We later found out that they are personalised stone stamps. You can request to have your signature or any symbol carved just like a normal stamp. These Korean pasalubong items may not be cheap, but the craftsmanship makes up for it.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩20,000-30,000 (~₱840-1,260) per piece

7. Lucky charms

pasalubong from korea

If you believe in lucky charms, then buy one as pasalubong from Korea. You can find some random stalls selling these in any street in Korea. But we found a wide selection of Korean lucky charms in Insadong area.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩5,000-7,000 (~₱210-300) per piece

8. Ceramic figurines

pasalubong from korea

These ceramic figurines are fragile but worth keeping. Make sure you keep them in a secure container if you buy them as your Korean pasalubong.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: from ₩4,000 (~₱168) per piece

9. Wooden utensils

korean pasalubong

These are the best Korean pasalubong for your parents and grandparents who love to cook! Need we say more?

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩5,000-10,000 (~₱210-420) per piece

10. Paper products

pasalubong from korea

Paper bags, paper fans, and stationeries — take your pick from any of these Korean paper products. These are the best pasalubong from Korea for your friends who love arts and crafts.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩2,500-3,500 (~₱105-150) per piece


Korean bookmarks

For your bookworm friends, get these unique bookmarks. Pick a design that best suits your friends’ personality. They’d appreciate the thoughtfulness for sure!

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩2,000 (~₱84) per piece

12. Hand fans

Korean hand fans pasalubong

Your moms and grannies will love these hand fans as your pasalubong from Korea. Time to change their old hand fans with these elegant ones from South Korea.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩16,000-24,000 (~₱670-1,000) per piece

13. Stuffed toys

buy these stuffed toys as pasalubong from korea

Aren’t they adorable? These are cute Korean pasalubong for your pamankins and inaanaks.

Where to buy: Insadong; Myeongdong
Price: ₩15,000-25,000 (~₱630-1,000) per piece

Best pasalubong from Korea for daily use

14. Character socks

Korea socks

These Korean socks are the best alternatives to the usual keychains and ref magnets. They are cheap, light, and so cute. The best value for money Korea pasalubong if you’d ask us.

Where to buy: Insadong; Myeongdong Underground Shopping Centre
Price: ₩1,000 (~₱42) per piece

15. Knitted caps

knitted caps from Korea

These are trendy and something you can’t easily find in the Philippines. If your friends or loved ones are planning a winter holiday soon, this is the best Korea pasalubong for them.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩5,000-10,000 (~₱210-420) per piece

16. Scarves

korean scarves

Another winter apparel to invest for yourself or for your loved ones. They don’t come cheap in the Philippines so might as well buy while you’re in Korea.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩5,000 (~₱210) per piece

17. Bucket hats

bucket hats korea

Want something you can wear everyday in the Philippines? These trendy bucket hats are perfect. Buy these as your Korean pasalubong for your fashionista friends.

Where to buy: Hongdae
Price: ₩5,000-10,000 (~₱210-420) per piece

18. Bags

korean bags

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that these hand bags cost only ₩10,000 — that’s only about ₱400. They are of good quality, and come in many designs and colours. You’d surely be spoilt for choice!

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩10,000 (~₱420) per piece

19. Clothes

Myeongdong shop

We were also delighted to find affordable clothes in Korea. We passed by this random shop in Myeongdong Station selling blouses and pants for only ₩10,000. They’re quite a steal! Time to buy a pasalubong for yourself, maybe?

Where to buy: Myeongdong Station
Price: ₩10,000 (~₱420) per piece

20. Journals

Korean journals and notebooks

Why not keep a travel journal and start documenting your adventures on paper? There are a number of bookstores selling these journals, but we suggest that you buy the ones sold on the streets. See the many cute and colourful designs? We bet you’ll have a hard time picking one.

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩10,000-20,000 (~₱420-840) per piece

21. Hand mirrors

Korean hand mirrors

Buy these for your vain friends! 😉

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩3,000 (~₱126) per piece

22. Earrings

Korean earrings

We saw a crowd of ladies in one of the stores, so we got curious and entered to check what’s going on. To our surprise, the ladies were gushing over these cute Korean earrings. Can’t blame them!

Where to buy: Insadong
Price: ₩3,000-5,000 (~₱126-210) per piece

23. Korean skincare products

Korean skincare products

Koreans are obsessed with skincare and cosmetics. If you are like them, then try the Korean skincare products, and see the effects yourself.  Myeongdong is definitely the best place to sample and buy skincare products such as face masks, body creams, lotions, and a lot more!

Where to buy: Myeongdong
Face mask prices: ₩1,000-5,000 (~₱42-210) per piece
Body cream prices: ₩15,000-30,000 (~₱646-1,300) per set

Now you know what to buy in Korea! Make sure you have enough baggage allowance for all these pasalubong from Korea. Happy shopping!

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