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Korean Visa Online Appointment Guide 2023: 5 Easy Steps for Filipinos

Since 14 Sep 2022, Filipinos can once again apply for a Korean tourist visa direct to the Korean Embassy or Consulate. Previously, we can only apply for a Korean visa via one of the accredited travel agencies. Now, we have the option to DIY our Korean visa applications again. However, we will need to schedule a Korean visa online appointment before submitting our documents. Read more about the announcement here.

Recently, we managed to get our Korean visa online appointment in Cebu, so let us share with you the whole process in 5 simple steps.

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How to schedule your Korean visa online appointment

Step 1: Visit the Korean Consular Services website

Korean visa online appointment - Step 1

Go to https://consul.mofa.go.kr/en/main.do and click “Reservation to visit a diplomatic mission”.

Step 2: Create your user login

Korean visa online appointment - Step 2

You can either Sign up on the User Log In panel OR use the Non-Membership Log In. As for us, we chose to sign up instead so we can easily sign in again and go back to our account when the time comes when we need to schedule the appointment on the slot opening date.

Do note that Korean Embassy in Manila and the Korean Consulate in Cebu have different timelines and dates on when they would open appointment slots. Please see below:

Manila: The Korean Embassy in Manila will open slots every last Thursday of the month at 9am for the entire next month’s schedule. For example, if you intended to schedule an appointment in April 2023, you will have to wait until 30 March 2023 (last Thursday of March) to make your Korean visa online appointment as the April slots will only be available by then.

Cebu: The Korean Consulate in Cebu will open slots every Tuesday at 2pm for next week’s schedule. The Korean Consulate in Cebu opens slots weekly so you don’t have to wait for too long to schedule an appointment here unlike in Manila wherein it’s only once a month.

Tip: Slots run out so fast, so we suggest that you log in to your account 5-10 minutes in advance and refresh the reservation page exactly on the allotted time and prepare all the information so you can click and reserve immediately.

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Step 3: Make a reservation for your Korean visa appointment

Korean visa online appointment - Step 3

On the scheduled date and time of the slot opening, log in to your account, and follow Step 1 again to proceed to this reservation page.

3.1 Select a diplomatic mission:

  • For Luzon and Mindanao applicants: Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of the Philippines
  • For Cebu applicants: Cebu Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of the Philippines

3.2 Select a consular service:

  • Select the Visa(Individual Applicants for Tourism) and tick the box below.

3.2 Select the date and time of your visit:

  • The calendar will show the open slots (in white). Gray boxes mean the slots are fully booked or not available. Select your preferred date and tick the time beside it.

Step 4: Check your reservation details and enter your passport number

Korean visa reservation details

Double-check your information and type your passport number under the “Note” field. Enter the Captcha and click “Make reservation”.

Step 5: Save your reservation confirmation

reservation confirmation

Download and save a copy of this reservation confirmation. You can opt to save it on your phone or print a copy of it. Bring this on your scheduled appointment date and time. Without it, you will be denied entry to the Korean Embassy or Consulate.

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That’s it! Based on our experience, the slots run out in less than 10 minutes. You really have to be prompt, attentive, and quick in securing your Korean visa online appointment slot. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on our experience at the time of writing. There could be changes or updates to the process after this article’s publication so please visit the websites of the Korean Embassy in Manila or the Korean Consulate in Cebu for your own research.