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Sky Ranch Tagaytay Guide 2023: Tickets, Rides & Tips

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is one of the famous theme parks in the Philippines aside from Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna and Anjo World in Cebu. Many families and barkadas (friends) add this to their Tagaytay itinerary not only because of its fun rides but also because of its picturesque setting. You are in Tagaytay, after all — where natural scenery and cool air welcome you. Not to mention the stunning view of Taal Volcano.


Sky Ranch Tagaytay aerial view
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Opened in March 2013, Sky Ranch Tagaytay is just one of the Sky Ranch branches owned by SM Group. Other branches include Sky Ranch Baguio, Sky Ranch Pampanga, and SM By the Bay. Of all the branches, we’ve only been to the one in Tagaytay and SM By the Bay, and we must say that both have their own unique draws.

If you ever plan to explore this Tagaytay theme park soon, we’ve created this guide so you know what to expect before your visit.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay admission

If you want to know how much is Sky Ranch Tagaytay entrance fee, see price list below:

Sky Ranch Tagaytay entrance fees 2023

  • ₱100 – Entrance fee per person to be paid at the entrance
  • ₱980 – Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass (Regular Price)


  • Sky Ranch Tagaytay ticket price is the same for all ages. Kids are not free of charge.
  • If you’re wondering what age is allowed in Sky Ranch Tagaytay, everyone is now welcome here. Age restriction during the pandemic has since been lifted. But some rides, especially the extreme ones, may have height and age restrictions.

Tip: If you buy your Sky Ranch Tagaytay tickets on Klook, you can get big savings on day pass tickets. Instead of paying ₱980, you will only pay ₱388, which already includes unlimited rides to most attractions and one-time rides to select attractions. Just present your e-voucher and exchange it with an actual ticket.

*A separate entrance fee of ₱100 must be paid at the entrance.



What’s included in the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass?

The Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass includes both unlimited rides and one-time rides to the following attractions:

Unlimited rides

  • Super Viking
  • Drop Tower
  • Carousel
  • Rocking Tug
  • Nessie Coaster
  • Red Baron
  • Wonder Flight
  • Mini Viking
  • Sky Cruiser
  • Toy Swing
  • City Rail
  • Boat Parade
  • Bumper Car
  • Log Coaster

One-time rides

  • Express Train
  • Sky Eye

What’s NOT included in the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass?

The following are NOT included in the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass:

  • ₱100 entrance fee to be paid separately at the park’s entrance
  • Food and drinks
  • Accommodation
  • Other personal expenses

Sky Ranch Tagaytay operating hours

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

The park is usually open daily, Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm. But be sure to check their Facebook page for the most updated operating hours.

How to get there

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is located in Km. 60, Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway in Tagaytay, Philippines. It is approximately two hours away from Metro Manila.

To get there, you may choose the following transport options:

By bus

You can ride a bus from Manila that goes to Tagaytay or Nasugbu, Batangas. You can find these buses in Baclaran, EDSA, Cubao, and Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX). Ask the conductor if the bus will specifically pass by Sky Ranch in Tagaytay. If not, you will be dropped off at the corner where the Petron Gas Station is located. From there, you can opt to walk for about 20 minutes or ride a jeepney to Sky Ranch.

By car

Take the SLEX, Sta. Rosa Exit and drive straight to Tagaytay Rotunda via the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road. From there, continue to Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway until you arrive at Sky Ranch. You may use Waze or follow Google Maps to guide you while driving.

Tip:If you are traveling from Manila to Tagaytay in a group of 10-12, we recommend that you rent a private van. For only ₱5,400 (one-way), you can already ride a van good for 12 pax with an experienced driver. It’s hassle-free for you and your travel buddies!



Top Sky Ranch Tagaytay rides and attractions

So, what are the rides in Sky Ranch? There are over 30 rides and attractions, but here are the top ones you shouldn’t miss:

1. Sky Eye

Sky Eye
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

The Sky Eye, also known as Tagaytay Eye, is probably the most notable attraction here. With a height of 63 meters, this Ferris wheel lets you see a bird’s-eye-view of Taal and the surrounding area.

Entrance Fee: If you want to know how much is Sky Eye in Sky Ranch Tagaytay, it is ₱150 per person per ride. But if you purchased the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass, you can ride it one-time without additional charges.

2. Super Viking

Sky Ranch Super Viking experience
Our Super Viking experience on a chilly day | © Chill and Travel

This is like the Anchors Away of Enchanted Kingdom. Don’t be tricked into thinking it’s not scary at all. When the pendulum swings, there’s no stopping it.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Super Viking is ₱100 per ride, but you can enjoy unlimited rides if you buy the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass.

3. Drop Tower

Sky Ranch Tagayty Drop Tower
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Be ready to be dropped suddenly on this extreme ride. This is truly not for the fearful ones!

Entrance Fee: Admission to Drop Tower is ₱100, but you can get unli rides if you buy the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass.

4. Log Coaster

Log Coaster
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

This is Sky Ranch’s version of a roller coaster. It may not be as extreme as the roller coasters in other theme parks, but it’ll still give you that adrenaline rush.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Log Coaster is ₱100, but if you purchased the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass, you may enjoy unlimited rides.

5. Nessie Coaster

Nessi Coaster
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Another version of a roller coaster, this ride is ideal for those looking for fun, light thrills.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Nessie Coaster is ₱50, but it is included in the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass where you can enjoy unli rides.

6. Express Train

Express Train
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Hop aboard the Express Train and get ready for some railway adventure. This is perfect for kids and families.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Express Train is ₱80, but you can enjoy a one-time ride when you purchase the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass.

7. Double Decker Carousel

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Carousel
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Ride this merry-go-round and be spellbound by the magical lights, sounds, and atmosphere. It’s as if you are in a fantasy world.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Double Decker Carousel is ₱50 per ride, but unlimited when you have the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass.

8. Lolly Swing

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Lolly Swing
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

This is a giant swing that rotates, giving you a sense of childhood nostalgia and fun.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Lolly Swing is ₱50 per person per ride.

9. Bumper Car

Bumper Cars
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Collide with your friends on bumper cars! We hope there’s no friendship over after competing against each other.

Entrance Fee: Admission to Bumper Car is ₱100 for the driver and ₱50 for the passenger. Why not get the Ride-All-You-Can Day Pass to get on bumper cars without limit?

10. Go-kart

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Go-Kart
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page

Buckle up and race against your travel buddies on a go-cart. This is an exhilarating experience that’ll truly test your bond.

Entrance Fee: A go-kart ride costs ₱100 for 3 minutes.


*Do note that not all rides and attractions are included in the Ride-All-You-Can Pass. Some may have separate admission fees. Rates may also change without prior notice. Be sure to check their official Facebook page for the latest updates and promotions.

Friendly reminders

Sky Ranch Tagaytay Entrance
Photo credit: Sky Ranch Tagaytay Official FB Page
  • As it is an open-air theme park, we advise that you wear comfortable clothes and good footwear that won’t easily be removed, especially when trying extreme rides.
  • Bring jackets or raincoats in case the weather changes. It could get chilly at times.
  • Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed inside Sky Ranch. You can only buy food and drinks from restaurants, food kiosks, and concessionaires inside the park.
  • Small pets are allowed provided they wear diapers.
  • Deadly weapons, firearms, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • You cannot enter the park if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You can re-enter the park but you need to show your ticket or stamp.

That’s basically everything you need to know about Sky Ranch Tagaytay. Have fun with the fam!


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